Abie Ekenezar is an actress, singer, screenwriter and director living in Seattle, WA with an extensive background resume and has been in the entertainment industry professionally with IMDB credits since September 2013. Abie came on board with the agency Big Fish Northwest to work with the next generation of professional TV and Film professionals on the show Strowlers which is a fantasy film project released by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. They had their directorial debut in 2020 on a film dealing with our current pandemic along with the BLM protests. Abie has recently completed multiple projects with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, along with another of productions and recently started their own production company called BabsEk Productions that deals with diversity and inclusivity in the local community that has projects to be released in 2021. Their directorial debut was November 2020 for the film short, Prefer-Racial Treatment and her first book anthology, Cooties: Shot Required was published in March 2021. They plan to do more directing in the future.