AfroRithms - Afrofurturistic Gameplay

AfroRithms began when Dr. Lonny Brooks met Eli Kosminsky at a building-sized computer in Oakland called Dynamicland.

The pair collaborated to bring Afrofuturist story-telling into a new, communal medium with the intention of helping everyone share their visions of the future: especially those who are not traditionally advantaged by technology. Several game jams and physical prototypes later, AfroRithms from the Future was born.

Developed by Lonny J. Avi Brooks, Ahmed Best who both serve as co-Directors of the Afrorithm Futures Group and game designer Eli Kosminsky, Afro-Rithms from the Future challenges players to set up world scenarios informed by a set of tensions in the meta-sense, which are then populated by artifacts from the future, referencing objects and inspiration in our present. The goal is to challenge players to imagine new worlds and build responsive solutions for a future that not only includes but amplifies the voices of those often overlooked. We’ll be joined by their collaborators Fathomers and the Equitable Games Group to create a vibrant experience that will allow us to listen, learn, play, and collectively imagine new possibilities!