Do you want to promote your work through AfroComicCon?

We are publishing a coloring book to promote the artists as well as AfroComicCon’s upcoming convention. Each participating artist will receive a page in our book with their image and contact information.

Submission guidelines:

  • Use the form below to submit 2-3 high-res black and white line art images in jpeg or png.
  • Submitted images should be “comics style” or comics related.

We are only interested in original content for which you would retain all rights. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already existing characters as they will automatically be declined.

To submit artwork for the AfroComicCon Coloring Book project, complete the form below.

    If you have a portfolio, please enter the link here.

    Your Submissions

    Select up to three files from your hard drive for submission. jpg, png or pdf preferred.

    Submission Policy and Release Agreement

    Afro Comic Con does not regularly accept any submissions, solicited or unsolicited ideas, treatments, concepts, scripts, or artworks, and other materials because we are fairly new and we do not want to be accused of stealing anyone’s idea, so if you have any concerns about your material please copyright your work before submitting it to us
    However, AFCC has considered the possibility of new ideas, formats, or concepts from outside its internal source circle, and new development programs ideas. Therefore, if you have an idea treatment, concept, artwork, or other material that you’d like AFCC to consider, you may submit such materials to AFRO COMIC CON, but only if you first acknowledge and agree to the AFRO COMIC CON Submission Policy and Submission Release Agreement. Please note that if you choose to submit materials, we prefer that you send a link to publicly-posted portfolios. Any submissions in excess of 25 MB will not be accepted and must be provided by sending a link. AFRO COMIC CON Submission Policy and Release Agreement AFRO COMIC CON, non-profit and, its parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, “OTEC/DUSTY”) appreciate that you would like to send your ideas, concepts, outlines, treatments, scripts, literary material, artwork, and other suggestions and materials (“Submission” or “Submissions”). On behalf of you and your parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, principals, licensors, sub-licensors, licensees, sublicensees, agents, and/or assigns (collectively, “You” or “Your”), You acknowledge and agree that Your Submission is subject to this Submission Release Agreement (“Agreement”). This agreement sets forth Your rights, and the rights and obligations of AFRO COMIC CON, to and with respect to any and all Submissions. This Agreement is necessary to avoid misunderstanding, and to protect everyone concerned. Please be aware that AFRO COMIC CON will only accept Your-Submission if You agree to the terms set forth in this Agreement. Original Works. AFRO COMIC CON will only accept Submissions in written form. Your Submission will only be able to be considered at Your request, and with Your guarantee that You are the originator of all contents of the Submission and you have the legal right to submit it to AFRO COMIC CON for Consideration. Disclosure to AFRO COMIC CON. You accept that AFRO COMIC CON may discuss Your Submission with employees, and possibly other individuals, to evaluate its potential at AFRO COMIC CON. You agree that any consideration of Your Submission does not create a confidential relationship between You and AFRO COMIC CON. No Implied Contract. You agree that no contract or obligation of any kind is assumed by AFRO COMIC CON, or may be implied against AFRO COMIC CON by reason of AFRO COMIC CON’s acceptance and/or review of Your Submission and/or any discussions or negotiations AFRO COMIC CON may have concerning Your Submission. Specifically, You expressly agree that neither Your submission of any materials, nor AFRO COMIC CON’s review of Your Submission, nor its willingness to consider discussing Your Submission with You, constitutes or creates an implied-in-fact or implied-in-law contract, even if there exists an industry custom to the contrary. Protection. You understand that AFRO COMIC CON is constantly developing entertainment and other properties from ideas generated by its employees or other outside sources, and that AFRO COMIC CON may already have had access to, and/or may have independently created in the past, by in the process of creating, or create in the future, ideas, concepts or other materials that may be similar or even identical to Your Submission. You understand that it is not uncommon for more than one individual or company to originate substantially similar ideas independent of each other. You hereby renounce any and all claims that AFRO COMIC CON misappropriated any ideas or portions of Your Submission in any future AFRO COMIC CON property or activity, except as set forth in the immediately following paragraph. Compensation. You agree that Your entitlement to any compensation is entirely dependent upon and subject to AFRO COMIC CON and You entering into a new written contract (separate from this Agreement) signed by both parties and specifically related to AFRO COMIC CON’s use of your submission. If AFRO COMIC CON and You do not enter into such a written contract, You will not be entitled to any compensation from AFRO COMIC CON.

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