Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid originally from the Bronx and Christopher ‘Play’ Martin from Queens New York met in the 1980’s. The pair were in rival Hip Hop crews The Turnout Brothers and The Super Lovers, and eventually formed their duo under the name The Fresh Force Crew. In 1986 ''She's a Skeezer’’, “All Hail The Drum” and ''Rock Me'' were recorded on Sultra Records By 1987 they had changed their name to Kid 'n Play. Kid 'n Play even had their own NBC Saturday morning cartoon for one season from 1990 to 1991. On the show, Kid 'n Play were regressed to teenagers, but their recording careers remained intact, as did their comic personas. The real Kid 'n Play appeared in live-action wraparounds of the cartoons. The show stressed positive role models, teaching kids how to get along and stay out of trouble. A 1992 Marvel Comics comic book based on the cartoon lasted nine issues. They also shot some segments for the Public Broadcasting Service PBS math show ''Square One TV]' and ''Sesame Street'. Kid ’n Play are current enjoying crowds in well over 50 dates this year on the “I Love The 90’s” tour and individual dates around the country.