Eric McElroy is the visionary creator behind the dynamic fusion of anime, hip-hop, and comics. As the founder of AnimeHipHop, he's dedicated himself to bridging the gaps between these diverse realms of art and entertainment. In 2021, Eric achieved a significant milestone by collaborating with Hall of Fame wrestler Rikishi to bring forth the captivating comic series "Kishi and the Island of Dreams." This groundbreaking project seamlessly blended wrestling, anime, and storytelling, captivating fans worldwide. Eric and Rikishi traveled the country, promoting the series through convention panels and book signings, sharing their passion and expertise with fans, But Eric's creative endeavors extend beyond comics. He's also a talented musician known as Cthree, who made history by pioneering the first-ever merger of an album, a comic, and a video game. This innovative approach revolutionized how fans engage with music and storytelling. In 2023, Eric expanded his impact by initiating an educational workshop for underprivileged kids, teaching them the art of story creation, illustration, and animation at UCLA during Geek Week. Eric's journey began in the world of hip-hop, managing his cousin 2scoop from the iconic hip-hop group, the Dove Shack, and collaborating with international hip-hop sensation Zay Hillfiger. Today, he wears many hats, including his role as Senior Editor at the prestigious, one of the world's top ten blogs. Eric's tireless commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and connecting diverse creative worlds continues to make an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and culture.