AFCC 2021 International
Film Festival!

The AFCC Short Film Festival is a showcase of innovative filmmaking from talented filmmakers, content creators, and screenwriters. AFCC Short Film Fest is a division of AfroComicCon and our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that features contemporary and interactive works of visual art showcasing films that reflect a number of genres including horror, science-fiction, comic book, animation, superhero, and fantasy.

AfroComicCon’s 2021 International Virtual Film Festival features a jury composed of media and filmmakers, scholars, curators, and archivists who determine all awards, with the exception of the audience award winner, which will be determined by the audience on the day of the actual film festival.

These topic-related films and their filmmakers are focused on bringing about diversity and inclusion, with a special focus on women and POC. Films submitted to the festival had to be between 3 to 20 minute short(s) and animations that reflect and honor Afrofuturistic representation. Please note only films that fell into the broad category of Afrofuturism and in the genre categories of science-fiction, speculative Black fiction, Horror, fantasy, Anime, superheroes, and comic books were considered for inclusion in the festival.

Films that are finalists for the competition will be screened on AfroComicCon’s YouTube Channel, October 24, 2021 in addition to interviews and other programming.

Congratulations to our Winners of the 2021 AfroComicCon Film Festival!


Awards and prizes will be announced on the day of the festival, October 24, 2021


Juan Davis


Theo Hollingsworth


Michael James


Hally Bellah-Guther

Film Festival Judges

Patricia J. Pawlak
Tea Jones
Theo Hollingsworth
Juan Davis

The Winners from 2021 were:

Best Student Film, Audience Award Winner
Man Down
Jonathan Rowan

Best Film
The Strong Box
Hassan El-Amin

Best Documentary Comic Book Theme
A Door Away
Alex H. Rafi

Best Animation
Jack Lien