Born in NYC in the 70s, Hotep is the embodiment of the progress made during the civil rights movements, the birth of Hip-Hop music, and the prominence of Pro Black/ African consciousness in American culture. After graduating Morehouse College, he became one of the only Black, Male elementary teachers in his district. There, he learned first-hand how powerful and influential media is on human minds and psyche. These experiences led Hotep to become an entrepreneur.

Hotep says he “HAD to become an entrepreneur simply because I couldn’t allow myself to be in a position where I needed to seek other people’s permission to make my visions a reality”. Today, Hotep is a consultant to schools across the US, a father of 2 and producer of several different types of media including: books, cartoons, films, music and video games. His profound work has earned him nominations for the Presidential Citizen’s Award and as a CNN Hero.

Hotep believes entrepreneurship is the key to freedom for all people. “It’s either ownership or slaveship,” he says.