From West Philadelphia, born and raised, Kevin Lofton is an artist whose career in animation began when animating on paper, along with, inking and painting cels were essential skills. He made his mark in the industry by animating two MTV station ID's and having a short featured on Liquid Television, which ultimately led to his involvement in the groundbreaking Beavis & Butthead series, launching MTV Animation. Throughout his career, Kevin has worked with recognized industry names, including Disney TV, Nickelodeon, and numerous other major networks and studios. Independently, Kevin has directed an array of projects. Notably, creating content for The Howard Stern Show and The Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s a fun fact; Kevin was the muse that inspired his Philly Bud, Chuck Stone, to make the short film "True" which sparked the iconic Budweiser Whazzap campaign.

Kevin remains active in the animation business. He created original designs and pitch materials for two animated shows produced by Bandera Entertainment and continues working in the world of animation with his ongoing dedication to diverse and exciting projects.