NIC NAC, AKA NYLA, is an Oakland, California native who forged her lyrical prowess in the very birthplace of hip-hop slang. Her journey began in the vibrant streets of Oakland, where she cultivated her skills and later refined them in the gritty atmosphere of South Central. With a commanding voice, a sharp tongue, and a unique blend of sensuality and youthfulness in her tone, NYLA quickly captured attention. Her emergence as an artist wasn't by chance; it was a destined path she fearlessly embraced. Encouraged by a friend who recognized her immense talent, NYLA embarked on the trajectory that would lead her to stardom. Rapidly proving her capabilities, NYLA's meteoric rise began when she earned her lyrical stripes with 16 bars that secured her a platinum plaque for her contribution to Oakland’s Bay Area Pioneer “Dangerous Dame “ Oaktown Funk” and "So Much Drama," the notorious B-side to the Luniz "I Got 5 On It." NYLA's journey didn't stop there. She embarked on a dynamic career that saw her sharing stages and collaborating with some of hip-hop's most iconic pioneers, a list that reads like a who's who of the genre: Ice Cube, Yo-Yo, D-Nice, Candy Man,Public Enemy, Kid Rock,Mary J.Blige,The Lox, Eve, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and the Notorious B.I.G., among many others.